My item is near the end of its consignment cycle. What should I do next?

You may contact the store by phone or email to check the status of your items and request a pick-up if desired.


How will I know if my items sell? Will I get a notification?

We do not send notifications when your individual items sell. You may call or email us during store hours for an update on your items. When you receive a check for sold items, you will see an itemized list of which items sold.


I missed the pick-up deadline for my item. Can I still retrieve it?

If you are unable to contact us before the pick-up date, your unsold items are subject to relinquishment as agreed upon in the consignment contract. If your item has not yet been picked up by our relinquishment affiliate and is still on premises, we will happily return it to you.


My items have been on consignment for a while. Why haven't I received a payment?

Checks are mailed out every two weeks. Give us a call anytime and we will review your profile with you to find out which items have sold and which are still on the sales floor.


I'm moving. Can I update my address?

Yes, you can update your address with us at any time. Payments are mailed every two weeks, so please contact us as soon as possible to help us get you your check on time and at the correct location.


My check is damaged/lost.

If your check is damaged, bring it to the store and we will issue you a replacement. Please call ahead of time so that we can prepare your new check.


Can I pick up my check in person or receive store credit instead?

If you prefer not to receive your check by mail, we can have it sent to the store for pick-up instead. At this time, we do not offer store credit in lieu of a check.


Do you accept donations or offer donation receipts?

We do not accept donations or offer donation receipts.


Can you authenticate my designer handbags or offer an appraisal?

All high-end items brought in for consignment are reviewed by senior management and checked for authenticity using a variety of sources and brand-specific checklists. We do not offer appraisals for non-consignors. Please contact your handbag’s designer for their valuation